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Golden Aurum System Solutions, Inc. is a customer oriented organization that provides a variety of critical state-of-the-art security, information technology solutions. Realizing the dynamic nature of technological advancements and customer requirements. Golden Aurum is equipped with the right tools, expertise, methodologies and teaming arrangements that provide the flexibility to respond to these trends and diverse requirements.

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Asset Pro


Event Management Software

Highjump WMS

Asset Pro is an application which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from procurement to disposal.  It provides an organization with information like where certain assets are located, who is using them how they are being utilized and details about the asset.

The best companion for your upcoming events. Hosted on-premise or on-cloud. Event Manager is very flexible and can cater your event management needs.

A data collecting engine which can be used in most brands of known RFID fixed and handheld readers.  This engine can collect data from multiple brands of RFID readers connected simultaneously. HTTP post sending is also available for systems hosted on cloud.

In almost every industry, buyers are becoming more fickle, and more demanding. For logistics executives, effectively meeting buyer needs has become a relentless quest for speed and agility. Traditional supply chain solutions – siloed, complex and hard-to-implement – no longer suffice, as competitors find ways to deliver goods faster and more profitably.

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Asset Management System